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16-17 & 17-18 Price Rubin Engagements

Date: 05/23/2017


April e-news from Price Rubin

Jack Price

Here's hoping your 16-17 is going well. Whether you participated in festivals, recitals or concerto engagements, I hope you had great success!

We here at PRP made a lot of progress this year, so far, marketing you, our artists. We are forging new relationships with performing arts series, festivals and orchestras everday.  We are also creating new venues for our artists to appear at. As always, we are glad to be working with you.

Announcing New Bookings

Here's a sampling of our recent engagements announced. Want to increase your booking success? See some tips below.

PriceRubin Steinway Series Boca Raton
9/11/16-Ian Gindes
9/18/16-Rika Zayasu
Corpus Christi Chopin Society
8/26, 27/16-Elena Ulyanova
La Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico
9/16, 18/16-Sofiya Uryvayeva
10/7, 9/16-Susan Merdinger
10/28, 30/16-Yelena Beriyeva
11/4-11/6, 2016: Miki Aoki
11/11-11-13, 2016: Lorraine Min
Tulsa Lorton Center
9/20-21st, 2016: Alex Slobodyanik
Bayshore Brightwaters Library
10/16/16: N2K Duo, Katherine Cash
Wheaton College
11/5/16: Eroica Trio
Pueblo Symphony
11/12/16: Eugenia Zukerman
Cedar City Arts Association
11/18/16: Eroica Trio
Al Ringling Theatre
11/27/16: Rosin Cello Duo
All Saints Cathedral
12/1/16: Naoko Matsui
Young Artists Debut Orchestra
12/11/16: Allison Eldredge
Miami Chamber Orchestra
12/17/16:  Ian Gindes
Tulsa Lorton Center
1/24 and 1/25, 2017-Krisztina Wajsza
Hawaii Tour, Eroica Trio
2/11/17: Orvis Auditorium
2/12 and 2/13/17: Kahilu Theatre
2/14 and 2/15/17: Hilo Performing Arts Center
National Symphony Orchestra of the Ukraine, Alex Slobodyanik
3/22/17: Segerstrom Concert Hall
3/26/17: Zellberbach Hall
**there is one more???
All Saints Cathedral
3/26/17: Roberto Capocchi
Corpus Christi Chopin Society
3/31 and 4/1, 2017: Alex Slobodyanik
Pittsburgh Steinway Society
4/23/17: Alexander Kobrin
Armstrong Auditorium-Church of God Series
4/27/17: Eroica Trio
Church of the Epiphany Concert Series
5/20/17: Roberto Capocchi
La Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico
**all concerts conducted by Batiz
6/2 and 6/4, 2017: Francisca Mendoza, performing Saint-Saens No. 3
6/30 and 7/2, 2017: Elena Ulyanova, performing Liszt No. 1
6/30 and 7/2, 2017: Lisa Jacobs, performing Mendelssohn
7/14 and 7/16, 2017: Sara Sant'Ambrogio, performing Haydn Concerto
Daniel Rodriguez
7/4/2017-Riverside Concert Series
Music Mondays Church of the Holy Trinity 
7/24/2017:  LaCroix Duo
Church of the Epiphany Concert Series
7/25/2017: Fanny Nemeth Weiss
El Paso Symphony Orchestra
9/15,16/2017:  Chloe Trevor
Tulsa Lorton Center
9/25 and 9/26 2017: Cristiana Pegoraro

Pueblo Symphony
10/8/2017: Cole Washburn
10/22/17: Celino Romero, performing Concierto de Aranjuez
Southern Arizona Symphony
11/18 and 11/19, 2017: Yelena Beriyeva, performing Rachmaninoff No. 3
Stony Brook University
11/4/2017: Jens Bachmann
Tulsa Lorton Center
01/23 and 01/24 2018: Richard Alston

Pittsburgh Steinway Series
4/15/2018: Alex Slobodyanik
North Mississippi Symphony
4/21/2018: Katerina Mina
Gettysburg Community Concert Association
4/30/2018: Lorraine Min
Great Pianists of the World
Belleville Philharmonic Recital Series
4 Pianists from PRP
Ian Gindes
Lorraine Min
Elena Ulyanova
Belleville Philharmonic
2/17/18:  Kyung Jun Kim
3/17/18:  Cyrus Forough
El Paso Symphony Orchestra
Enrique Batiz

Increase Your Odds
By Dr. Ann Lathan Kerzner, Director of IT

New Website

To get a booking artists need to first be considered. For emerging artists this influence on presenters relies very heavily on artist materials.

As director of IT my data team and I see the best and worst of artist materials. We know dossiers and weblistings are reviewed carefully by presenters so here are a few tips to put your best foot forward with your weblisting, dossier and sizzle press kits here at PRP.

1) Have great, flattering professional photographs available in high resolution (1 meg jpg or higher).

2) Work to have 3-5 very polished, professional, live video performances with very good audio quality.

3) If you are an international artist, hire an English-speaker to translate press, bios and more. We do offer this service here at PRP for a nominal fee. Contact us if you have questions. As most of our talent buyers are English-speakers, poorly translated materials are not an asset.

4) Be sure to include both a list of excerpted press (best 1-2 sentences from a full review) and full press. Reviews are essential, so be sure to include them!

5) Also, be sure that your biography is interesting and informative. Bios that begin with the date and location of your birth and first music teacher suggest an emerging artist with little to announce. Bios that focus on career highlights and accomplishments at the top with interesting press quotes interspersed and personal data at the bottom suggest a more seasoned and successful artist. Like a press release, put the most impressive items at the top and supporting information lower at the bottom. Busy presenters who are skimming bios will see your dazzling career highlights first!

Don't Miss Our PRP Concert Feed and Special Program Marketing

Special Program Marketing

Thanks to the artists who submitted works last month. If you haven't submitted yet, please do!

Now our artists can easily alert us to upcoming concert dates and or special events and we can broadcast these via our social media feeds, new website, and e-newsletters to thousands of industry arts professionals and performing artists; placing you and your upcoming event center stage.

Submitting your upcoming events couldn't be easier. Just click the link below. Publication is not guaranteed each month, but we will do our very best to include as many artists as possible!

PRP is inviting program submissions for concert programs appropriate for: Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's. Shows with video are most preferred.

Just click the link below.  Publication is not guaranteed, but we will do our very best to include as many artists as possible!






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