Planning and Discovery

One size does not fit all! For most marketing projects we'll have an intake call with you so we can learn about your goals and needs. We'll ask questions that allow our team to best understand your project including: end result, target market, budget, turn-around time. Then generally we'll e-mail you a proposal.


Most projects with design will begin with a questionnaire so we can see the world as you see it. Questionnaires are brief and help us understand your preference with aesthetic, color, style by reviewing samples you like.

What We Need From You

Common items we need from clients include: High Resolution photos (jpg images 500KB and larger), written items (Bio, Press Clippings, etc.), video links, and music samples. We'll provide instructions on how to deliver these materials.


Many projects include proofs where you can review our design concepts and provide direction. Generally, our projects include a certain number of revisions included in a project fee. Revisions can be unlimited but must be submitted all at once in a revision round. So, for example, a project may include 2 rounds of revisions. The first revision round may include 25 requested changes and the second may include 5 or however many the client requests, but they all must be submitted at once as a revision round. We'll happily work with you so you get the result you want!

No Surprises!

Surprises are for birthdays...NOT for marketing projects. We eliminate surprises by always being clear about production time (we even include it in our proposals and written contracts with you). We have an online account area available 24/7 where you can check your project status and see where we are at and when your project will move to the next phase. We are a bit obsessive about answering emails and phone calls too so you are in the loop at all times!